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Access to the “thePixelnomial” Beta is subject to eligibility. If you are eligible to participate and play the “thePixelnomial” Beta, you are playing subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Users acknowledge and accept that the Beta is a version of the “thePixelnomial” game that is not complete and is played “As is”. The Beta is operated for user feedback and testing purposes only, and the Beta or your access to it may stop at any time.

As a member of the Beta you are accessing a version of “thePixelnomial” that is not intended for general consumption. Accordingly you must keep the contents of the Beta and your experiences of it confidential, and you must not display or distribute the game or elements of it publicly available in any form without our prior written permission. This includes, without limitation, creating videos, screenshots or live streaming your play of the game or writing reviews or descriptions of the game, and making those publicly available in any form.